The Blanket, via New Sun Rising

The Blanket, via New Sun Rising

The Blanket, via New Sun Rising

$7,500 to The Blanket (via fiscal sponsor, New Sun Rising) to support Lucinda Childs: The Early Works.

Seminal artist Lucinda Childs sets four of her early “silent” works on The Blanket. Outdoors, free and open to the public, see this work for the first time in Pittsburgh against the backdrop of the city skyline.

Performance Dates:

  • Friday July 28th – 7:30pm
  • Saturday July 29th – 7:30pm
  • Sunday July 30th – 3:00pm

Location: The Monongahela Wharf Amphitheater at Point State Park. (map)

The Blanket, co-directed by Caitlin Scranton and Matt Pardo, is a producing organization that exists to expand and improve dance in Pittsburgh. It seeks to help artists realize collaborative projects that bridge the gap between Pittsburgh and the greater dance community. The Blanket commissions choreographers and artists from the wider dance world to create work on Pittsburgh dancers, in Pittsburgh venues, in collaboration with Pittsburgh artists/organizations. They will facilitate and produce new projects and bring revivals to Pittsburgh, giving local artists and audiences the opportunity to experience (and take part in) the very broad spectrum of the dance as an art form.

New Sun Rising empowers networks of business + project leaders to create vibrant communities of opportunity. Click here to learn more about their fiscal sponsorship program.